«Dali museum at Figueres & Girona» – TBL
Francesc is an absolutely wonderful guide – knowledgable, personable, and enthusiastic. His insights into Dali’s life and work were immensely helpful as we explored the museum, and his personal connections to Girona brought that city to life for us. He also patiently led us through the intricacies of current Catalan and Spanish politics – truly fascinating. A highlight of our two weeks in Spain – seek him out!

Francesc’s Response: Hello Glenn. I really appreciate your review and your personal comment to TBL and me! We had a nice day in Figueres and Girona far from the big city Barcelona. To me, the Dalí museum is the most weird museum that I have never seen (actually is the biggest surrealist work in the world) and the Girona city has been chosen as one of the cities that you have to see in Spain. So, your choose was great. I will remember of our tour for a long time.
Glenn Slater - Aug 17th, 2017