«Two districts of Barcelona» – TBL
We much enjoyed our tour of Poblenou & Horta. We learned how the old heart of Barcelona industry is being «renewed» and «restored,» in that the buildings are being converted to new uses. We also saw where the locals live and shop, including the local market with its fresh fish, meat, vegetables. We also heard about what it had been like to live in the District under Franco. Francesc provided insight on life in Catalonia in the past and now. He did a marvelous job. We loved the tour and learned much.

Francesc’s Response: Hi Linda. Thanks so much. As I told you, your request was challenging to me, because usually tourists ask me the highlights of the city. But you have already seen this and you wanted something off the beaten track. From now on I will offer this tour as a regular one. I enjoyed a lot of your and your husband company and showing you the neighbourhood where I was born.
Linda Shorey - Feb 18th, 2015