« Walking tour of the Old Town » – TBL
Francesc set a meeting place on a very busy street corner with no identifying sign or other indicator, so we spent some time trying to connect. He was knowledgeable, friendly and flexible. We had some difficulty understanding him through his Spanish accent.

Francesc’s Response: Thanks for your review Robert, it helps me to improvem my job. The cafeteria Zurich is a busy area as it is at Catalonia Square, the Centre of the city. I have met there a lot of travelers without any problema. Apologizes if you found it, I didn’t know. Thnks, I will try to be more attentive next time. You didn’t tell me that you couldn’t understand me very well, it’s the first time that someone tell me it but it tells me that I have to do an extra effort on it.
Robert Cogan - Sept 13th, 2014