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PRO’S: Our hotel recommended Barcelona 365 and I am very glad they did. Francesc was unavailable but Agnes was superb. We asked them for a four person, six hour tour with van & driver. I’ve had many tours in Europe and this was one of the very best. Agnes was a Spanish history major and really knows how to make the tour exciting. We toured Sagrada Familia, Casa Botllyo, and the Gothic Quarter. Lots of interesting facts and she took us to a fine tapas restaurant for a break during the tour. Very enjoyable, fun tour of Barcelona CON’S: Absolutely none. SUMMARY: Happy to recommend Barcelona 365 for great private tours. We will use them when we return to Barcelona.

Francesc’s Response: Thanks for your review. I’m sure that Agnès will be happy to read it. By the way, Agnes has told me that inside the Sagrada Familia a man asked her why his guide had left him in the door and let him go in alone while she was with your group explaining inside the Church. As you know Agnès and all the guides of the team are licensed tour guides. I’m happy that you had a good time.
Spurgeon B (HOUSTON, TEXAS) - Sep 26th, 2016