“Fantastic two days in Barcelona” – Tripadvisor
I highly recommend Francesc Garcia! We had two days in Barceclona for December 31 and Jan 1. Of all the TripAdvisor tour guides listed, Francesc was the only one to 1) email me back quickly and 2) was willing to work with us on the holiday Jan 1. I actually had other tour guides tell me there was nothing to do that day since it was a holiday!! On the 31st, we combined the 2-four hour tours to get an excellent overview of Barcelona. In the morning we discovered the old town of Barcelona and in the afternoon we discovered the Gaudi Barcelona in the new town. Francesc recommended that we spilt the two days, which I think would have been a good idea as there is so much to see. But unfortunately we did not have that option with the Jan 1 holiday (as most places were closed). Francesc did an excellent job of keeping our interest and our excitement going throughout the day. Not sure where he took us to lunch, but it was our BEST meal the entire trip! Jan 1 Francesc picked us up from our hotel at noon and we went to Montserrat. Instead of just visting the monastary, we also took an hour long hike in the mountains. The hike was the highlight for me as every turn had beautiful scenery. After visiting the monastary, Francesc took us back to Barcelona and introduced us to the famous hot chocolate and pastries. Francesc also helped us book our reservations for dinner each night and a flamenco show too! We had exchanged phone numbers, so I had the option to text him when we weren’t together in case I had questions or concerns. I thought that was a super cool option…and I did end up texting him our first night for restaurant recommendations.

Francesc’s Response: You and your family went to another two good restaurants of Barcelona, but it’s funny that the restaurant you most enjoyed was the most “simple” or less sophisticated. Sometimes the improvised things are the best.
avertie (HOUSTON, TEXAS) - Jan 06th, 2014