“Three wonderful days in Barcelona with Francesc” – Tripadvisors
Our group of two adults and four teens were shown the best of Barcelona over three days with our friendly guide Francesc. He thoroughly understood how to keep four teenagers engaged and gave us many insights into the history of Barcelona and the beauty of its architecture and culture. We worked together before we arrived to find an itinerary that checked off all of our “must sees” and while we were there he added many other interesting locations along the way to make our visit complete. Thank you for the excellent restaurant suggestions that allowed us to eat Catalan food like the locals, and for taking us to the best helado in Spain. We highly recommend spending your time in Barcelona with Francesc.

Francesc’s Response: Thank you! It’s a pleasure to show the city to travellers so well prepared and organized as you. The teenagers are lovely, they are very intelligent and it was easy to capture their interest in what we saw. Thanks!!!
BensAuntie (TORONTO) - Aug 21st, 2017