Dali and Girona day tour with Francesc” – Tripadvisors
We are a family with 2 kids ages 10 and 13 and this was the kids’ first time in Spain. We were were lucky to have a friend who recommended Francesc for the tour. It was a long day and would have been super tiring for the kids if we have gone there without a guide. Francesc was super engaging and knowledgeable. Both places were amazing in their own way and Francesc was able to show us the best of both in a day, which was wonderful. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning about Girona and Salvador Dali. Kids are still talking about it and it was one of the best highlights of our trip. Thank you Francesc and hope to see you again when we do another visit!!

Isabella C (New York, USA) - July 13th, 2018