Dalí museum & Girona (9h)

“Je suis le surrealism” (“I am the surrealism”) – Dalí said.

Let me tell you that this is the most unusual museum I have ever seen. Forget the concept of a museum as an exhibition of pictures. Dali wanted to surprise who visits his theater-museum and I can tell you that a lot of people confessed to me: “it’s the first museum that has surprised me”
Being inside it is like being inside his mind. He liked things with double effects: making people see one thing that hides another fact. My aim is to show you this hidden reality. It is impossible to be indifferent after visiting this museum of Figueres.

We will have lunch at Girona, where history and legend come together.
In Girona we will visit the old Jewish synagogue with the recent discovered Mikveh, inheritance from the large Jewish Community that settled here; the Girona Cathedral, with the biggest Gothic nave in the world; and the Arab Baths to see how people lived in the Middle Ages. We will also walk along the Rambla of Girona and the Archeological Garden.


€ 695

by my vehicle 4 adults + 2 children + me
(by chauff. Mercedes 6 p + me + driver €1025)
(by high speed train €xxx + €xx per person)


Duration: 9 hours
Recommended Start time: 09.00am


– Ones in Figueres (it’s an hour and a half driving time away from Barcelona), in a cafeteria, I will introduce Dalí’s World
– Dalí museum and Dalí Jewels Museum
– Cathedral of Girona and Saint Felix Church
– Arab Baths of Girona
– Old Jewish synagogue of Girona

Transportation Method

According with your choice:
* My private car (KIA Sorento); capacity up to 4 adults + 2 children + me
* A chauffeured Mercedes; capacity up to 6 adults + driver + me
* Minibus (up to 15 travelers). Cost of the bus + my services: €xxx
* Train

Notes / restrictions

AVAILABILITY: It is not possible to do this tour on Mondays from October to May (the Dalí museum is closed). On Sunday is not possible to visit the Arab Baths of Girona but it doesn’t prevent us to do the tour.
DISABILITY: The visit of Girona is complicated for those who move in wheelchair and I don’t recommend this part of the tour for them.

What's Included?

* My services as your PRIVATE TOUR GUIDE: you are not part of a larger group.
* LICENSED TOUR GUIDE: it authorizes me to guide you inside monuments and museums.
* The ENTRANCES are not included in the cost of the tour but I will PURCHASE them in advance.
* The kind of TRANSPORT that you have chosen (included tolls, fuel, parking).

What's Extra? & Estimated Euros Needed

• Dalí Museum: €10 per person
• Cathedral of Girona & Saint Felix Church: €7 per person
• Arab Baths: €2 per person
• Old Jewish museum and synagoghe: €2 per person
* LUNCH: €25/30 per person.
* (TAXIS, if you have not chosen the train option: €40 (estimated))

Minimum & Maximum travellers

According with the transportation option that you have chosen.

Meet up location / End location

MEET UP: at your hotel/apartment/cruise Ship or wherever we agree as long as it is in Barcelona.
DROP OFF: wherever you want: hotel/apartment/cruise Ship.

AIRPORT: If you want to start or finish this tour at the Airport, it has an extra cost of 40€

Tour Extensions
  • Extend this tour by an hour and a half to eat and see Besalú a medieval town with an important Jewish heritage (lunch in part of the river).

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