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Saint Anthony Abat

Jan 17th – The festivity “Els Tres Tombs”

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800px-Tres_Tombs_a_Sant_Antoni_-_2011_-_14On Saint Anthony Abat, January 17th, we celebrate “Els 3 Tombs” (the 3 turns). Saint Anthony Abat is the patron Saint of the animals, but those with round feet. It’s a Catholic tradition. Those animals are blessed the nearest Sunday to that date and they make them turn around the villages 3 times. In the past they used to do that around Saint Anthony Church or around his image. At that time, more draft animals came to that festivity because they were the coach engines. Still today, old coaches attend the celebration but people come with their pets too: dogs, cats

This and next Sunday you can see that tradition in a lot of villages and in the Saint Anthony district of Barcelona.