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According to the news, one out of four euros tourists spend in Barcelona; they do so in Passeig the Gràcia Avenue.

Passeig the Gràcia was the street chosen by wealthy people to live in since they broke down the city walls in the middle of XIX century. Thereafter, replacing Ramblas Avenue, it’d become the most elegant street in Barcelona. An example of this is Santa Eulàlia Boutique, which was already present at Pla de la Boqueria (Rambla Av.) since 1843, and in 1941 it decided to establish in Passeig the Gràcia Av. Now we find the greatest brands: Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Loewe, and Hermès… even Appel has found its place.

Besides, there are a lot of new luxury hotels in the city. And now, a Russian company wants to turn Port Vell (a marina just in front of Barcelona) into a new luxurious marina which would attack huge yachts and fortunes.


The city, with any doubt, is changing. Some people think it’s for good, others believe we are losing our essence.