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The Lampposts of Passeig de Gràcia – Barcelona

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Pere Falqués designed these lampposts in 1906. They are located along Passeig de Gràcia and in them we can see the different details used by the artist in Art Nouveau, here called Modernist:

  • Modernist made things with various uses: in that case the lamp is not only a street lamp for the cars and another for the pedestrian but it’s also a bench
  • They used the “trencadís” (broken ceramic) because modernist preferred to use it instead of paint, because it doesn’t fall off the wall and shine with the sun
  • They used wrought iron too, giving to it flower shapes (if you take a look at the lamp it has the form of a climbing plant).

Besides Pere Falqués put on it the Barcelona shield, the Aragon King’s crow and the bat, symbol of fortune since the kind Jaume I when he conquered València.