“Tarragona is special with Francesc & Barcelona 365” – Tripadvisors
Barcelona 365 Francesc Tarragona tour We spent a magnificent day with Francesc touring Taragona. Along the way he was a font of knowledge. He shared details about Barcelona, it’s history and place in Spain with passion and excitement. As we drove and drilled him with questions, he was clearly well educated with answers. He stopped as we drove to point out important historical sites like the quarry and the aqueduct. Once we arrived in Tarragona he toured us through the city, museums, and important sites. At each spot he shared details and facts you can’t find in guide books. We really loved how he would find something in each place that he found to be special. A mosaic, a statue, a freeze, or a view. A small point that I found to be particularly endearing, he spoke quite highly of the other guides we had from other companies. Francesc is an indepent business man giving a first class tour. I highly endorse him.

Francesc’s Response: Thanks!!! I have a great with you and your family as well. As we said in our trip to Tarragona, it’s not so well know as other places in Catalonia and it’s really a shame because it offers a great possibility to understand when Romans settled in this area. Please thanks to your friend to tell you about Tarragona and thanks to have chosen me to show you this place.
eatlocal1ofakind (MINNEAPOLIS, USA) - Aug 15th, 2015