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Sagrada Família

Barcelona with children: “Barcelona through Lissy’s eyes”

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When I’m guiding a family, if they have children, I realize it’s difficult for them to pay attention to me for a long time. That’s why when I’m in front of something especial that I think it can surprise them I try to emphasize it for them, but really, one never knows what they will remember of this.
But Lissy, a five-year-old girl, exceeded all my expectations.
We visited the Gaudi’s masterpieces: Casa Batllò, Casa Milà, Sagrada Familia. We spend together 5 hours and now, at school, she painted this drawing. Her teacher has written her comments.
Take a look: here we can recognize the Saint George legend on the Batllò House; the Sagrada Familia, which is incomplete; all her family: Grandmother, grandfather, mother, she in the stroller and me. That’s gorgeous!!! Isn’t it?
Thank you Lissy.

The roman soldier of the Sagrada Familia with 6 toes in each foot

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On the Birth facade of the Sagrada Família there is a sculpture which represents a Roman soldier in the “Massacre of the Innocents”.

Gaudí and Matamala sculptors’ team were choosing casual passers-by to use them as a models for the different sculptures. They took a picture with a set of mirrors of the chosen person. In that way, they got in the same picture every part of that person and so they made the corresponding sculpture.

The chosen person to represent the Roman soldier was one of the Sagrada Família workers. Everyone was astonishes when they took the picture and realised he had six toes in each foot. Matamala proposed to sculpt only five, but Gaudí said “No” and asked to represent him just as he was, in order to show how different was someone capable to kill innocent under two years old children, even if the soldiers followed king Herod’s orders. So here we have the Roman six toes soldier.

If you want to know the Sagrada Familia, I suggest you the the Gaudí Tour.