“Montserrat (6H – Trip out Barcelona)” – TBL
The drive was comfortable and the sight itself was very interesting. However, I didn’t feel that Francesc was very efficient in how we used our time. Had we left the hotel a half an hour earlier, we might have missed more of the big tour bus crowds and had time to ride the funicular, which we very much wanted to do. Linda Ps. It also would have been nice to have had water in the car for an all day tour.

Francesc’s Response: Hello William. Thanks so much for your review that without any doubt helps me to improve. I’m so sorry we found so many busses that day. Actually I have anticipated the start time of the tour to 8am to prevent that busses arrive before us. My idea is always to avoid the mass. I’m glad that we could visit the Madonna, latter the Sanctuary and we sat down in the second bench of the Church to listen the boy’s choir (I knew that it was the priority for your wife). Thanks again.
William Kolb - Sep 19th, 2016