“Caga Tió” and the Epiphany’s day in Catalonia

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In a lot of countries, different Christmas characters bring presents to children and adults. In Catalonia we have two of them.

On December 24th we do the “Caga Tió”. The Tió is a log which appears in the living room’s homes before Christmas. Children feed it with pieces of fruit every day, but on the 24th afternoon, after singing Christmas carol as part of the crib, they hit with a stick and at the same time they sing a song asking that character to defecate cookies, neules and torrons (Christmas suits) and some little presents.

On the other hand, the biggest day is the Epiphany’s day, on January 6th. We commemorate when the Tree Wise Men (the Magic Kings) went to see Christ to worship and present him with gold, incense and myrrh. Previously, children write the “Carta als Reis” (a letter to the Magic Kings asking them to fulfill their wish) and they bring their letters to the Royal Page (his assistance).

Besides, in those days children gather to build the Nativity lanterns with which they go out to the street to have the “Crida als Reis” (they light the way for the Magic Kings and sing popular songs). On January 5th afternoon, all children and parents attend the Epiphany Parade (cavalcade) to see how the tree Wise Men accompanied by their pages and assistance, arrive to the city, walk around with majestic carriages and throw away candies (I leave you a video).

The Epiphany is a day to meet the loving people and we eat the “Tortell de Reis” (kings’ doughnut) in which two little figures are hidden: anyone who finds the king figure will have the right to keep the crow which is in the centre. Whoever finds the broad been will pay for the kings’ doughnut.


Shall you tell me same details about your Christmas?


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